About Tonya

Tonya is a 22 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and the Queen of the Bitter Glitter Fairies. Tonya, 100% total and permanently disabled, struggles with her physical and mental demons every day. Bitter Glitter Fairies is her concept. The words are from Tonya whether they be on a t-shirt or a coffee mug the feelings and words come from her. It is her hope that other veterans will join and contribute to the creative process of Bitter Glitter Fairies!

About DouglasB

DouglasB served with the U.S. Army for 10+ years and is a staunch supporter of veterans and veteran's issue. DouglasB is the voice of VeteransAIR - The Veterans Hour radio program and the owner of Texas Grace Photography. DouglasB's original created imagery coupled with Tonya's words make the products you will find in the Bitter Glitter store.

About Bitter Glitter

Bitter Glitter was born on December 16, 2015 during a dangerous mission to kill a bottle of wine. Tonya spoke some "golden words" and Doug coupled it with an originally created composition titled "Soul Crusher". The idea behind Bitter Glitter is simple, we all have demons in one form or another. We all are trying to deal with them. Veterans have a slightly skewed view of life. Some say veterans possess a dark humor and a odd sense of what is motivating. We aren't going to argue those points, instead we are going to create original works of art that some might suggest have a dark sense of humor and an odd sense of motivation. Come along on our journey and don't be afraid to voice your ideas too!